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A flower company can't deliver flowers, not a local florist!
08 May 2022
Reviewer: Jv from United States San Antonio, TX

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After putting in my Mother's Day flower order to be delivered the Saturday before Mother's day, I followed up on that Friday to ensure that all was well with my order. It was supposedly good to go as I was assured it was by the customer service person. Sunday Morning at 10:56AM, I get the following text message: "Jo, we apologize that we were unable to deliver your order to (my mother's name) and we have rescheduled it for Monday. We understand how important it is to show your loved-ones how important they are to you and we are truly sorry." Yes, they are truly a Sorry excuse for a florist delivery company. As for the "we understand the importance of showing how important your loved one they are, obviously they are not and it is just words! This company is not a brick and mortar local florist but an outsider that uses deception via the internet posing as a "local" florist. They ARE NOT! They show up as local when you do a search. This was probably my mother's last Mother's day and JustFlowers failed to deliver. You would think that a company with a name JustFlowers, (you know the saying, you have one job and that is to deliver flowers!) and they don't. I read now that there is only a 2% customer rating that would recommend this company. They should be ban from the internet as they are propitiating a fraud! Wish I could have given no stars. DO NOT USE!!!

In summary, I would not recommend Just Flowers to a friend.

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