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Flora 2000 Review

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Flora2000 delivers high quality flowers, plants and other gifts to your door. You can search for your favorite flower type, order premium bouquets with matched vases, select your delivery date and more.

First, let’s talk flowers. We were pleased to see positive reviews for the products on offer, provided by previous customers. Combined with the site’s images and descriptions, these reviews give a good impression of what to expect from your order. The flowers look fresh and well arranged, with a vase which suits the design, adding a more personal feel to each bouquet and vase set. 

Luxury bouquets available, with free vases, discounts and customer reviews.
Luxury bouquets available, with free vases, discounts and customer reviews.


You can choose a mixed bouquet, a specific flower type, a gift based on the event they’re destined for, or to find a bouquet based on your budget. We like this variety of options because it provides several ways to explore the stock and find something suitable. Flower types include carnations, daisies, exotic, lilies, orchids, roses and tulips. Flora 2000’s premium range is particularly impressive, and the colored vases have been well chosen to suit the flowers.

You can also purchase a range of other items from this site. Plants are an obvious choice, and we enjoyed several of the options in this category (although the number of options is a little limited). Meanwhile, several gifts are available, including hampers, perfumes and cakes. The cakes in particular look delicious, and the hampers are varied enough to suit most situations. They’re not always cheap, though, and this brings us to perhaps the most contentious point about Flora2000.com.

Price and delivery

Whilst we liked a good number of the floral arrangements and gifts on this site, we found it expensive when compared with most of its competitors. A big reason for this was the fact that they charge around $15 for delivery, and they don’t appear to have an express option (for example, receiving your order within 4 hours, which several other flower delivery services offer). If you buy a couple of items, particularly if they’re going to different addresses, this could really add up. In terms of sales, Flora 2000 offer discounts on many of their items, including 35% off some of their premium bouquets, which come with a free vase. 

The site guarantees delivery on time, which is reassuring, and perhaps a reason why the extra delivery charge is added onto your order. This may vary depending on where your flowers are being delivered, as this is an international delivery site and includes more than 190 countries on its books. If you’re in the US, you can check out the best sellers across the states, as well as any special deals which might apply to you.


Over all, we were impressed by the quality of the arrangements here, as well as the free vases which are chosen to suit your bouquet. However, this is a relatively expensive service and won’t be suitable for anyone looking for something on the cheaper side. If you don’t mind paying a little extra for a guaranteed delivery on a bouquet or gift, you might wish to check out Flora2000. 

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