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Flower Petal Review

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FlowerPetal is a flower delivery service which provides bouquets, plants (blooming or green), gift packages and floral centerpieces. It also includes a few useful features to help remind you of important dates, and several search features to help you find what you’re looking for. It stocks a few cheaper and mid-range flower options, as well as more expensive items for special occasions.

This site offers a range of flowers (including roses, sunflowers and lilies), plants (blooming or green) and arrangement options (contemporary, everyday or centerpieces) to suit a range of tastes and budgets. Whilst the site itself feels a little dated and could use a bit of pruning, the flowers generally look well arranged and attractive. Several customer reviews appear on the site, although it wasn’t always easy to tell if those were specific to a particular bouquet or just the site in general. Either way, they were positive.

Centerpieces and other gifts

Centerpieces were particularly interesting to us because they don’t often appear on flower delivery websites. These arrangements are designed to liven up a table, mantle or other focal point, and several of the centerpieces on offer from Flower Petal were very attractive. They suited more sophisticated tastes (with gentle colours and designs for events such as weddings or funerals) and more exciting, vibrant colors for events which need a bit of zing.

Flower arrangements include centerpieces.
Flower arrangements include centerpieces.

Gift baskets are also quite affordable and, thankfully, include flowers, fruits and other treats. We were glad to see the inclusion of flowers in the gift baskets because often delivery sites will remove these in the hopes that you’ll buy a separate bouquet and gift basket. The high-end options are more expensive here, but still offer reasonable value for money.

When browsing FlowerPetal.com, you can choose to view products based on the occasion, sentiment or gift type. This is a useful way of diversifying your searches, and you can also sort by price or check out a list of the site’s most popular sellers.

Several small but useful features caught our eyes, including a holidays calendar and the ability to receive reminders for key dates. You can therefore keep a note on birthdays, anniversaries and more, and the site will let you know when they’re coming up so you can make an order. If you sign up as a member, you can also receive discounts, so regular orders may become cheaper.

Extras and choice

Once you’ve chosen a bouquet or gift, you can alter its size for a fee. You can also include add-ons such as chocolates and teddy bears. Upgrading a bouquet is simple and somewhat cheap for the most part, although we felt the add-ons were a little pricey at times. Still, Flower Petal doesn’t charge for delivery (and they offer same-day delivery options), so there’s a big saving here over sites which will charge an additional fee for delivery. Handling charges, however, may apply on certain items – double check this before placing your order.

Whilst we enjoyed the flowers on offer here, the range was a bit limited compared with some competitors. In addition, whilst the search options are pretty handy, it’s not always inherently clear how to proceed in order to find what you want from the outset. After a bit of exploring and experimentation, though, this isn’t too tricky to work out.


In conclusion, FlowerPetal may be a good option for someone on a bit of a budget, but who wants an attractive flower arrangement, plant or gift basket. Their choice can be a bit limited, but if you find something you like then you’ll pay a reasonable amount for it and potentially save money when compared with similar products on other flower delivery websites.

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