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FTD is a leading website for flower deliveries in the USA and abroad, and it’s easy to see why. They have a fantastic array of plants and flowers, each beautifully designed and well presented online. What’s more, they offer same day delivery and a wide range of other gifts including edible treats, toys and jewellery. Their monthly flower gift packages are a great idea, providing a refreshing burst of color and scent to the home, with monthly unlimited delivery plans to suit customers who make regular orders. The website also provides flower guides, including video tutorials on plant care, as well as blog posts, magazine subscriptions and more.  Bundled together, this is a comprehensive flower delivery service with a heart at its center.

  A fantastic array of plants and flowers, each beautifully designed.  

Range of flowers and plants

Let’s start with a few thoughts about the plants and flowers, since those are the main reason we’re here. There are so many options to choose from, but the site makes this easy by offering a variety of ways to search for your ideal flora. You can take a look at popular purchases, based on price, search for a particular flower, explore species-specific collections, or choose flowers based on their color or season, amongst other things. From there, you can filter through options and sort them so that your budget and aesthetic preferences are all taken into account. This is a really well-designed system which will help you to find what you’re looking for.

Developing on that slightly, we were pleased by the site’s categorising systems and specialities. Aside from picking flowers based on events, you can also explore a certain species of flower and all the varieties it comes in. For example, their Roses or Tulips pages provide myriad options based on color, availability, delivery schedule, mixes and more. You can choose single flowers, mix and match, or select from pre-designed bouquets. This all makes for a very personal experience through which your flowers can match your personality.

Upgrade your bouquets for extra impact.
Upgrade your bouquets for extra impact.

If you enjoy flowers on a regular basis, you might wish to consider FTD’s monthly gift plans. These are essentially sign-up packages whereby you pay a set fee and will then receive a different bouquet or plant each month. This is a great idea if you want to brighten up your home or wish to show someone you care and are keeping them in mind. It also means you’ll have a nice surprise each month, receiving flowers which you might not normally have considered, but which are seasonal and fresh. You can alternatively opt for an unlimited delivery service for a monthly fee.

Monthly gift plans available.
Monthly gift plans available.

Other impressive gift ideas include the FTD’s range of potted plants. You can find traditional varieties, but also some more unusual options, such as bamboo or shaped cane. Again, these can be expanded to suit your budget, and there are some really interesting and exciting options here. We think they'd be particularly suitable for people who prefer plants and decorations over the traditional bouquet of flowers.

Explore an exciting range of special potted plants.
Explore an exciting range of special potted plants.

Let’s move on from the flowers a little, because there are plenty of other products to explore and purchase on FTD.com. As you might expect, the site offers some gift options to accompany your flowers, since many bouquets are purchased for gifts rather than personal use. There are lots of choices, including toys and edible treats, which are well designed and very popular. You can search through these based on their price or popularity, and should hopefully find something to suit most preferences. Our only slight reservation here is that the gifts can be a little pricey, with the cheapest of them around $20.00. Still, some of the add-ons (such as a bear if you buy a bouquet) provide a discount, so you can save money if you make multiple purchases. As with bouquets, the hampers and gift packages come in all shapes and sizes to suit a range of tastes and budgets.

Wide range of affordable hampers and gift packages available.
Wide range of affordable hampers and gift packages available.


Aside from possible purchases, there are lots of other reasons to visit FTD. One reason is its superior customer service. We found their staff to be highly trained and friendly, accessible through an instant messenger service. You can also call or email, and there’s an FAQ which will cover most of your questions if required. The site also provides some excellent articles and blog posts on how to care for flowers, including guides on trimming, feeding and more. These additional tools mean that FTD.com is an excellent resource for flower care and maintenance enthusiasts.

  FTD.com is an excellent resource for flower care and maintenance enthusiasts.  

Costs and add-ons

With so many exciting flower, plant and gift options, FTD is a joy to explore. Whilst they tend not to offer super low cost items, there are plenty of options to suit the majority of budgets. You can also gain $10 off your first order by signing up with your email address, and regular sales mean that you’re sure to find plenty of savings. You can also get free delivery on some items, or sign up for unlimited monthly deliveries for a fee, and they'll send as many bouquets as you like during that period. 

Once you’ve picked which flowers or plants you’d like, you can decide on a variety of upgrades and add-ons. This is more in depth than we’ve seen on other flower delivery websites, but it’s very easy to do. Simply pick the size you’d like (and can afford), then choose from a range of extra items such as vases and toys. Some bouquets will come with a vase included in their price, offering even better value for money. We were happy to see that the flowers are displayed in a variety of boxes, pots and vases, allowing you to see how they might appear in other containers. 


Everything taken into account, we feel that FTD has the range, insight, delivery options and service tools to help you create and send a beautiful, bespoke arrangement. With prices to suit almost any budget, you can’t go far wrong.

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