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ProFlowers Review

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ProFlowers provides fun flowers, plants and gifts for a wide range of occasions. They also offer a wide range of unique gifts which you can personalize, or gourmet treats to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. They can send your orders the same day, with top brands to choose from.

Let’s talk about the flowers first, since that’s probably why you’re reading this review in the first place. We were really impressed by the range of flowers on offer, from cheerful birthday bouquets, to something a bit more solemn and suitable for funerals. There are all sorts of bouquets to choose from for business, congratulations, illness, love and more. If you’re looking for bouquets or plants which have been designed for public holidays (such as mother’s day or teacher’s day) then you’ll find options here too. The flowers are guaranteed for 7 days of freshness and we enjoyed the variety on offer.

  We were really impressed by the range of flowers.  

Aside from bouquets, there are also plants and gifts to choose from. Plants include bonsai, tropical plants, office plants, orchids, wreaths and seasonal plants. This is a more diverse range than most flower delivery sites offer, so we recommend considering ProFlowers if you’re looking for plants (primarily indoor plants). ProFlowers.com also supplies a great variety of vases, offering a choice of (usually) three or four which might suit the flowers you’re purchasing. Vases start quite cheaply but you can also find more sophisticated (and therefore expensive) options. This is a nice touch because the vessel can make a big impact on the flower arrangement and how it will appear in the home, office or other location.

Order options

When you make an order, you can adapt the size of your bouquet to suit your preference and budget. This is easily achieved and the site is very clear about what you will receive. You can then view a calendar of dates for the flowers to be sent, and it states how much (if anything) this might cost. Most deliveries are free, but some dates might require an additional top-up fee to be paid.

One feature we really liked the look of was the Flower Subscription. You can sign up to receive or send multiple bouquets, either to a single address or to multiple addresses. This provides some really good savings and makes a lot of sense if you wish to receive regular fresh flowers, or if you need to send flowers to several family members (on a special occasion, or to express your sympathies, for example).

Multi-day gifts are also available through Pro Flowers. This service staggers gift deliveries, so the recipient will get multiple gifts over a set period of time. For example, you might send a single rose or simple bouquet on Monday, then a more elaborate gourmet treat on Wednesday, followed by a luxury bouquet or plant on Friday. This can really build up anticipation and is an exciting way to show someone you’re thinking about them. 

Other gifts

Gourmet gifts are a big hit on this site, with plenty of tasty treats to purchase. These aren’t cheap, though, but they do look incredibly tasty. There are all sorts of treats to choose from, including fruits, chocolates, cookies, wine and more. Again, you can adjust the size of your order if you think the recipient would want more or fewer of an item in their delivery.

Order tasty gourmet gifts.
Order tasty gourmet gifts.

Personalized gift options are also available. These might include mugs, picture frames or something entirely different (such as towels, blankets, toys and jewellery), and they’re something a little special to share as a way of commemorating a date or relationship. Many of these items are fun or silly, but several may also hold a very personal message. Most of the personalized gifts are affordable, although some can be a little pricy. Meanwhile, the gourmet gifts are popular and look very tempting, but can be expensive. 

Personalized gifts for a range of occasions.
Personalized gifts for a range of occasions.


With some fun and exciting bouquets, a great range of plants, gift packages and personalization options, there’s plenty to like about ProFlowers. We also recommend checking out their range of vases when making an order, and exploring their sales (which can save you a significant amount of money if you catch them at the right time). You can also save 20% on your first order if you sign up for their newsletter, so it’s a good time to put in an order.

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