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Pickup Flowers Review

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PickupFlowers is a popular site for ordering flowers and gifts online. They have a decent range of products, ranging from roses to more exotic flowers, plus mixed bouquets, chocolates, cakes, wines, cookies and toys. You can also purchase gift baskets which include a mix of items, which should appeal to eclectic tastes.

Ordering process and range

Pick Up Flowers is proud to call itself a flower expert, providing advice on flowers from floral experts. The site allows you to find flowers and gifts based on a variety of occasions (birthday, anniversary and so on), based on the recipient (corporate, partner or kids), or from a range of edible and keepsake gifts.

In some ways, the site works well to offer useful information prior to purchasing anything. For example, you can easily view customer reviews, choose to share an item on your social network pages, view a description and order details, or “make it extra special” with a few add-ons. However, in other ways the site needs work. We found it irksome to navigate at times, with “chat with us” images hovering over every page, plus too much text, drop down menus and sales logos interrupting the process. This made for a somewhat frustrating experience at times.

View customer reviews and share favorite items on your social network sites.
View customer reviews and share favorite items on your social network sites.

Whilst we’re pleased to see customer reviews, we were a bit disheartened that they weren’t hugely positive. Most items score a mediocre or poor rating from customers, although there are plenty of exceptions to that. We recommend sticking to items which score well with prior customers, and maybe reading a few reviews to see if you’ll receive what you’re expecting. At least customer service is 24 hours!

Price and delivery

The flower arrangement options are fine, with plenty to explore and choose from. There aren’t many personalization options, though, and delivery times are questionable. Pick Up Flowers suggests they can deliver on the day of your order, but we couldn’t find this option when trying to order flowers. In fact, we had to wait a day or two in most cases, and delivery wasn’t particularly cheap. You can receive free delivery on orders which occur 4 days after you order, though, so it pays to be well prepared.

This brings us to price. We were quite surprised by how expensive some items on PickUpFlowers.com were, particularly considering you may have to pay an additional delivery fee. Compared with other sites, basic items will cost you more in general so you may wish to look around before putting in an order.

We don’t want to suggest that everything needs work on this site. Some of the products, particularly the cakes, looked great. We also liked a few of the design features and there are certainly enough attractive bouquets and plants to make it worth checking out. Some items have very positive customer reviews, too, so clearly they’re doing something right.


To conclude, it is worth taking a look at PickUpFlowers, in case anything should grab your attention. However, you may find that you pay more for it than you would elsewhere.

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