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SendFlowers does what it says on the tin: send flowers, floral arrangements and gifts to friends and family. The site is easy to use, providing access to cheap and luxury bouquets, as well as several non-flowery gift options. It prides itself on offering a range of low-cost floral gifts, many of which are available for less than $30, including delivery.


Let’s start with the main selling point of Send Flowers: its prices are low. You can find a decent number of attractive bouquets for under $30, and that includes same-day delivery. Compare this to some sites which charge $15 for delivery alone, and you can see why this is a good option for anyone who’s on a budget. Cheap bouquets may not contain the most exotic or beautiful flowers necessarily, but we found the majority of them to be colorful and attractive. There’s also enough range here to please most tastes.

Bouquets from less than $30.00, delivered.
Bouquets from less than $30.00, delivered.

The site uses local florists to design and deliver some of its products. This means you can have a unique bouquet and help support local companies who are likely to take some pride in their business and your opinion of it. Delivery fees are included in quoted prices, and same-day options are available if you order in time.

Flower options

Finding flowers is relatively easy as you can search the site or look for them based on type, price or occasion. We’d also like to see a color-based search, or more lists of flower types for people who know exactly what they’re looking for. Once you’ve chosen your bouquet, you can add extras or adapt the size of your bouquet. Increasing a bouquet size is affordable, and the add-on gifts, such as chocolates, are affordably priced too. In fact, the chocolates were ½ to 2/3 of the price we’ve seen on many other flower delivery websites.

If you do have some money to spend, you can find luxury flowers which will cost significantly more. 48 long stemmed roses, for example, will set you back well over $200. Meanwhile, balloon, chocolate and gift baskets can be purchased. Again, these won’t cost the earth, and the site even offers a few flower centerpieces and candle centerpieces if you want to create a floral focal point in your home.


Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, which is always good to see because it’s not always possible to know what you’ll receive with flower delivery services. In fact, that’s one area where Send Flowers could improve, as we’d like to be able to read customer reviews of individual items as a guide for potential customers. We did, however, like the fact that the site contains a flower guide and blog, although they’re somewhat hidden away at the bottom of the pages, under “Customer Favorites”.


If we had to describe SendFlowers in two words, they might be Cheap and Cheerful. This is definitely a good site to visit if you want to buy flowers but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend. There are no big surprises here necessarily, but we did appreciate the employment of local florists to help design and deliver bouquets, and the few extra gifts on offer were also very affordable. 

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