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Gift Blooms Review

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GiftBlooms provides a wide range of attractive flowers, floral arrangements, baskets and other gifts to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. You can search for floral gifts based on the type of arrangement, flower type, color or cost, bringing together all sorts of flowers for US and international deliveries.

Searching and budgets

We were particularly keen on the different categories on Gift Blooms. There are 10 different flower arrangement types to choose from, including premium flowers, flower cakes, cut flowers, exotic flowers, cheap flowers and more. Each of these is quite different and will suit a number of special occasions. Some even have quite a quirky sense of humor, such as the “sick as a dog” collection, which includes yellow flowers, a “get well soon” balloon and a canine companion stuffed toy.

We’ll come to some of the unique arrangements soon, but first we’d like to talk about the cheap flowers range. We were really pleased to see this because ordering flowers online can be expensive, and often the cheaper options are hidden amongst the more expensive choices. Through GiftBlooms.com, you can find attractive bouquets and basket flowers for under $30, yet they don’t look cheap. That said, you may need to pay an additional fee for delivery, so in some senses the price isn’t quite as low as you might initially think, but this will be less of an impact if you order multiple items to a single address.


Another interesting section of the site is its exotic flowers range. Here, you’ll find less familiar designs and blooms, including climbing flowers, cacti and cocktail bouquets (which are arranged to look like an alcoholic cocktail!) These are a bit of fun, and some are very attractive.

Aside from browsing randomly or choosing the arrangement you prefer, you can also find flowers based on their breed or color. This is a great idea because it means you can locate bouquets based on your favorite flowers, or to match a particular color in the home. Furthermore, the flower baskets may be a pleasant gift for someone who wants a memento after the flowers have died. These baskets designs are, in our opinion, often very beautiful and feel a bit more naturally spread out than tight bouquets.

Beautifully designed flower baskets and flower cakes are available.
Beautifully designed flower baskets and flower cakes are available.

Flower cakes are one of the stranger items you’ll find on GiftBlooms. These arrangements might look like edible cakes but they’re made entirely from flowers. They are perhaps a great gift for anyone who’s not really a fan of cake, but who likes the look of something a bit more fun for their special event. 

Other gifts

The site is primarily flower-focused, but it does sell a few extras and add-on items. These include chocolates and balloons, and you can upgrade a bouquet to make it a bit bigger. The main GiftBlooms.com site also provides cupcakes, gift ideas, candies and more to an international clientele, so if you’re looking for something other than flowers then you may be able to find it on the main gift pages.


If you’re looking for something a bit different from your flowers, Gift Blooms may be the site for you. Their unusual designs add a bit of fun to an event, as well as offering some more luxurious or exotic options. If you’re on a budget, you might wish to check out their cheap flowers pages, which provide several attractive options for someone who doesn’t have a lot to spend.

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