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Teleflora Flowers Review

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Teleflora.com allows you to purchase expertly-arranged flower bouquets from local florists. They have plenty of flowers to choose from, with a few gift options, plus guides on which flowers to choose for particular occasions, such as weddings and funerals. You can vary the size of your order to suit your budget and preferences, have flowers sent and received on the day of your order, find local florists and more.

With flowers, it can be the personal touches which matter. This is why we like teleflora’s use of local florists. They provide a bespoke service, through which you can create a unique bouquet and have it hand-delivered. Not only is this good for the customer, but it’s good for local businesses as it’s providing them with more custom. 

  Create a unique bouquet and have it hand-delivered.  

Whilst this site doesn’t offer the widest range in additional gifts, you can send balloons, stuffed animals and chocolates with your order. You can also choose the size of each of these items, as well as the size of your bouquet. This allows you to tailor your order based on your budget and what you think the recipient would like to receive. There are also gift-boxed bundles to choose from, which combine a simple vase with the flowers, ready for presentation.

Gift box bundles available for celebrations, with same-day delivery options.
Gift box bundles available for celebrations, with same-day delivery options.


You can sort flowers based on their price, flower and color. There are also a few fun options for special occasions such as Teacher’s Day, including smiley mugs filled with yellow blooms. If you explore the site you may even find small tree and plant offers, providing something a little different. Several basket packages are available, although they’re not particularly emphasised on the site, which is a shame because they look quite appealing. There are health nut baskets, delicious delights, ballgame baskets and more.

Quick shopping options are available if you don’t want to spend a long time choosing what to send, or you can trust your florist to choose on your behalf. If this sounds like an interesting prospect, check out the site’s “daily deal” pages, where you can pick the essential details of your order and then allow your florist to take some flare and care in order to deliver a unique bouquet bundle. 

This site also provides plenty of blog posts and flower-buying guides, some of which are specific to particular occasions, such as funerals and weddings. These could prove really useful if you want to pick specific flowers which will suit an occasion. Otherwise, it’s easy to find bouquets based on occasions, with plenty of options to choose from at the click of a button. We were particularly enamoured by some of the special occasion arrangements, which add a little surprise to the order because they take a more artistic approach to flower arrangement.

Special designs by local florists, including birthday, wedding and funeral packages.
Special designs by local florists, including birthday, wedding and funeral packages.

Value for money

We’ve already mentioned the site’s use of local florists, but this is doubly useful if you want to send flowers to a relative or friend who lives far away, because it means the flowers aren’t traveling so far in transit and will therefore be in better condition when they arrive. The website provides details of local florists in a particular area, too, so if you’re planning on visiting someone special and wish to pick up flowers en route, that won’t be a problem. Delivery costs may vary depending on the items you order, required delivery time and location – please visit the website for details.

In terms of price, teleflora isn’t the cheapest site around. However, its flowers are high quality and beautifully presented, with same-day delivery options, so we think the service is better than most. There are also a few lower-end options if you don’t want to splash out too much, as well as some excellent high-end arrangements if you want to go the extra mile. 

We don’t have many complaints about teleflora, but our biggest would be their service fees. Whilst their delivery service seems to work well, a service fee of $15.99 is applied to all flower and plant orders in the US and Canada. Whilst this might not be all that noticeable on larger bouquets, it does seem as though the price is a little higher than it could be on smaller and less expensive bouquets. Still, this fee is included in the prices shown, so you always know what you’re paying for.


Everything considered, teleflora.com offers a top service with fresh flowers provided by local florists. There are some interesting ideas and options available which you won’t find elsewhere, plus you can rely on the inspiration of a local florist if you wish. Whilst there might not be lots of other gifts to choose from, it does a great job when it comes to beautiful bouquets.

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