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1800Flowers provides access to a wide range of attractive bouquets, plants and other gifts. There are several package deals to choose from, supplying monthly flower or gift packages, as well as gift cards and a range of advice on topics such as flowers for funerals.

Flowers and plants

There are plenty of pre-designed bouquets to choose from, offering an array of choices in terms of color, scent and aesthetics. You’ll find bouquets for birthdays, to express your sympathies, and for a lot of special occasions, such as anniversaries, housewarmings, new babies and more. This makes the process of finding a suitable gift much simpler as there are lots of examples to choose from. 

Bouquets for all occasions, including funerals and to offer your sympathies.
Bouquets for all occasions, including funerals and to offer your sympathies.

Plants can also be purchased from 1800flowers.com. We were pleased to find garden plants and trees, as well as orchids, rose plants, bonsai and more. The “Grown in America” and “Planet Friendly” collections are also a neat idea which we recommend taking a look at. Plants often come in charming and unusual pots, adding to their impact as a gift.

Other gifts

Aside from flowers and plants, this site offers a lot of gift options, including baskets and keepsakes. The basket ranges are extensive, with cookies, chocolates and candies, as well as meats and cheeses, baby products, fruit bouquets and more. We were particularly interested in the range of kosher gift packages and special dietary packages, which we’ve not really seen elsewhere.

Gift bundles include a gluten-free market box.
Gift bundles include a gluten-free market box.

Several gift companies are linked through this website, allowing you to access their services quickly and easily. These include 1800Baskets.com, FruitBouquets.com, Wolferman’s Harry&David and others. If you’re a fan of these brands, then check out the various gifts and packages on 1800 Flowers, since some of the goods are provided by those companies.

Same day local florist delivery is available on a lot of bouquets from 1800 Flowers. This assures high quality and reliable delivery times, making for a superior flower delivery service. As with other quality services, however, you may pay a little more for 1800 Flowers’ services. The cheapest bouquet we found was $29.99, but they tended to be around $50.00. Other delivery options include flowers shipped in gift boxes, which you then arrange yourself.

  High quality and reliable delivery times.  

Other services

Other services include tips from funeral advisors. This is particularly good to see as many people don’t really know what to do when somebody dies, both in terms of organizing a funeral and when considering what gift might be appropriate for the bereaved. We’d like to see more of these sorts of guides, however, to really get a sense of great customer service. 

If your friends and family happen to be abroad, you can arrange for flowers to be sent internationally. Several corporation options also make suitable suggestions for sending gifts to businesses, which is a clever idea which we haven’t seen incorporated widely elsewhere.

We were keen to investigate the recurring gift packages provided, whereby you receive flowers or gifts each month for a set fee. This is an interesting idea, particularly if you enjoy a fresh and flowery home or just want someone to know you’re thinking about them regularly. This provides some saving on cost, although ultimately you will spend a decent wad of cash investing in a monthly package.

Value for money

Let’s talk price, because although 1800Flowers caters for many pockets, it does tend to be a little more expensive than some of its competitors. Bouquets seem to sit around the $50 mark, and some potted plants seem to be a little pricy for what they are (when you compare them with other sites, and particularly garden centers). Of course, part of the reason for this is the need to deliver fresh products, which is expensive, but there are a few occasions when the added extras (hand cream, joss sticks, edible treats) seem a little unnecessary and may only add cost. At least you can adjust the size of your bouquet, which gives you more control over the costs, and most purchases shouldn’t be overly expensive unless you want to explore the high-end items.


So what’s the lowdown? In short, the services offered by 1800Flowers are to be commended. However, you may find you pay a little extra for those services. If you’re on a tight budget, this site might not be ideal but you’ll still find a few affordable options. If, however, you’re hoping to send flowers along with some interesting gifts, potentially setting up a monthly purchase on your account, 1800Flowers.com is certainly worth your time. 

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