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Un dependable
05 January 2021
Reviewer: Dustin K from Texas

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Ordered some roses to be delivered the day before Christmas Eve to my girlfriend. I was not in town. Called me the day of delivery at 5 PM telling me that they were unable to make the delivery and wanted to reschedule. So frustrated I agreed for the next week Which was New Year’s Eve which was the last day she was working they called me the day of again and told me that they were unable to find flowers to make the arrangement and wanted me to choose a gift out of a poor selection of gift baskets. In myWere completely overpriced and lacked class. It takes a lot for me to write a bad review on a product but this kind of got personal. So after talking to customer service which was going nowhere. I asked for a manager and I was put on hold for a good 20 minutes. Which customer service came back on saying that they were unable to reach her manager. She said someone would call back. Someone called back within an hour and was a manager that told me that they would have my order delivered on time. I was reassured and then I said thank you and thought that was that. The next day I was contacted again saying that now the address was out of their delivery range. Which I find striking since it’s a quarter-mile down the road A main intersection in town. I told them that I was not happy and they would have to call back because I wasn’t going to waste anymore of my weekend away from my girlfriend on people that lie to me. They called back every day for about four days I finally answered and told him I wanted my refund and they told me it would take up to four business days to hit my account.I understand if things happen and what not but when I type in the address in and the company agrees to deliver there on time. I don’t want to be propositioned with a cheap gift basket and then promise again that it would be delivered on time the Second time. If you ask me find someone locally and that has better reviews. My fault for not researching further into it as I am now seeing many bad reviews. I hope the company steps up their game.

In summary, I would not recommend Just Flowers to a friend.

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