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Horrible flower service - highly advise against ever using.
10 February 2018
Reviewer: Caryn from New York

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I placed an order for funeral flowers. The order and date were confirmed, and five hours later I received an email telling me that the flowers could not be delivered on that date, but that they would be delivered the following day. Unfortunately, that doesn't work because it is a scheduled funeral. The customer service representative had trouble understanding why this was an issue, and placed blame on the local florists that rejected the order. Wouldn't it be Proflowers.com's responsibility to then find a florist that could accommodate the order? Slightly adjusting the colors/types of flowers, etc. Otherwise, don't offer arrangements and dates that cannot be fulfilled. They simply thought it was acceptable to just say that the flowers would be delivered the day after the funeral - to the funeral home. I had to spend 60 minutes on the phone telling the representative that he needs to guarantee flowers will be delivered on the day of the funeral. He "checked with his resources" several times, and finally was able to tell me that the flowers will be delivered on the order date, and that I would receive an email the day of once the flowers were delivered. No less that 14 hours later, did I receive an email telling me that they left a voicemail for me regarding the same order. I call customer service back and they yet again tell me that my order was rejected. I don't understand why this concept is so difficult to grasp - they are the floral service, it is their job to offer realistic option, and delivery dates - and work to make it happen. If there is a likely chance that it isn't possible, then don't offer it and give yourselves some grace time to be sure that your customers ordered are fulfilled. Meanwhile, I'm on the phone with customer service again & they are still standing by the fact that there is no chance the flowers can be delivered on time; I get transferred to a manager and he offers calling the florist directly, and telling them that they need to prepare on arrangement - while still speaking with the manager, I receive another email congratulating me on my order & telling me that the flowers are being prepared. I mention this to the manager, and he says "huh, that doesn't sound right - somebody must have sent that email in error." They have zero clue what they are doing at Proflowers.com & I've spent way too much time and effort on the phone with this company to complete a simple order, that I will never give them my business again. I strongly advise you against giving them business as well.

In summary, I would not recommend ProFlowers to a friend.

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